The Jaguar God

The humid slinky silver night
Conceals knowing emerald eyes
Did a shadow shift against those trees?
I think I’ll have that drink now please.

The drums begin so low and slow
The fire weakly pretends to protect
The beat reminds me just where we are
Deep in the realm of the God Jaguar

Thrumming rhythms louder now
Three against Four
We knock respectfully on
The Jaguar God’s door

The night is becoming far gone
The sky begins to suspect the dawn
When we sense that we are not alone
And our neck hairs hackle-like rise

Drums stop cold as on mind command
There! silent, huge pads into the clearing
Imperious unblinking eyes seem to be alight
The Jaguar God knows who owns the night

Gaze at us in disdainful unconcern
One by one he locks our eyes
And seems to look into our lives
Turns a lazy circle as if to make his point

And then he is gone!
Now the sky becomes the rosy dawn
Look each to each in stark amaze
With faces changed from yesterday’s

That regal cat now prowls my dreams
Those eyes stare out from leafy green
Stares into where my ego-mind grows
The Jaguar God looks on and knows

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