the early days

here in the early days you could get chopped
shut down and stuffed away
rockwalled into eons
in the early days sticks could swing
and bounce your brain right out of your body
for food or sex or just plain itchy
we lived through it like any other mammal
adapt and survive and die, roll and hop and twitch
we misused everything, didn’t even know we were alive
in the earlies
back here there were none-suches that made up freaky sky-faces
told the littlest gimplets terror tales to make them cry
and shiver when the thunder passed over their stones
in the early days a man with flat eyes could take your thoughts
take ‘em right away with his voice, and his pictures –
you could run but the whole earth had got filled, and they were
some say the earlies were the bestest but i don’t think they remember
the daily danger, and the unfair around every corner
the not-feeling and the terror-tales that squeezed so many hearts
too many bursts of fear
too much pressing down
too many falls into the heavy earth
the early days were bright and sunny, sometimes
but i liked the later years
when i was free.
replica orologi

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