beautiful life

Beautiful life,
we’ve found our home,
never again will we worry or want or need

A respite is now,
but disquiet lingers,
questions arising disturbing the tremulous peace

First we were favored,
now it grows colder,
we do what we must to exist in a changing world

There are no limits,
no reason for doubting,
our world is our destiny brought to us now we are free

Haven’t you noticed,
a change in the weather?
The warm days come rarely the nights make us shiver and moan

Deeper is warmer,
always an answer,
I see a rock with some speckles, nice colors and shapes

Cycles come often,
await the fine summers,
the chill makes us stronger we build and with joy will we live

Not this time my friend,
it worsens by season,
our world is in crisis our days in fair glory behind

Time slows and crawls,
each second a journey,
the moments extended and rich with the essence of time

(think Travelers 2)

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