the morning news

read the morning’s violet skies
in it there are no lies

The cool cats have turned cold and hard
But they find the missing bricks
and into the chimney creep
where shelter
allows wild untamed sleep
the squirrels steal kindling sticks
while hawks trade passion calls of winged bard

Elsewhere in a fiction world
these words are unfurled

Icy hearts and slippery streets
huddle together for some heat
just turn the thermostat a little higher
global warming folly fools utter liar liar

Aussies hammered in the red queen’s south
bags of sand the desert’s menu
to spit in the wind
it’s the not the end
normal will need a change of venue
nature speaks from the horse’s mouth

bylines for your headlines
tally up the crimes
what’s the latest count
of corpses in the fount

just the morning news
reflecting narrowed views

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