overactive bees for sale
a quisling of sense for the monkeys in the tree
who howl and they howl and they throw their scat
and they bare all their teeth to the birds in the back
and jumping! and leaping! be they ever so high
they cry and they cry and they cry and they cry
and they pee on their heads and expect sympathy
’cause everyone knows they are better than thee
now the tree lost its leaves to the quaffing sims
and they’re bare in the breeze with their knees on their shins
a peek from the meek brings the culture police
you’ve thought naughty thoughts and we know what you think
and they try and they try but the words are too high
‘happiness’, they say, is all just a lie
happy for them is a misery all
a fruish shit ball
may they gag and then fall
replica omega

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