Such is Love

She flows into my valleys
dances ‘cross my plains
ascends my highest mountains
brings me gentle rains

I love to provide a base for her
enrich her wondrous soul
whatever she may need from me
I will find and bring it whole

such is love
the thrill of combination
such is love
creating a brand new world
such is love
perfect eternal friendship
a vow… to guide and shelter all…
all within our fold

the air above is warm now
on my surface rivers run
time to wake the travelers
to thrive beneath the sun

and yet my peace is broken
no… I dare not dwell upon
I know she’ll never leave me
but what if I can’t hold on?

such is love
the agony and ecstasy
such is love
to build with spirit bold
such is love
wonder what became of me
a vow… to guide and shelter her…
and all within our fold

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