I’m round
Solid round

I’m round
Solid round
(Deep underground)

I am all there is or needs to be.
My entire being surrounds me.
A world of sand and dust, built on solid rock.
I am a planet- look at me.

Do you hear, lost and lonely child?
Another spirit whispers in the sky
You’re not alone, you’re not the only thing
I am with you flying high

Trying to get my head around this now
there’s something else- duality?
Why would I need this, some kind of parasite
Messin’ with my geometry?

I complete you- add a touch of class
even if my charms you cannot see
But something tells me you want someone
Why’re you always looking at me?

I’m round
so round
Solid round
flying so high

I’m round
so round
Solid round
high above the ground

Now let me think.

(instrumental break)

Here’s what I think.

This is something good I know that it’s to be
I can envision harmony
You bring me air and rain and manna from the stars
I’ll provide the gravity

I knew you’d come around, my silly ball of stone
Though it took a million years to see
I’ll bring us gifts that will surprise you and amaze and
shelter you from cosmic debris

I can be a little dense… for that you must forgive
and you’re a flighty tart- agree?
But now we’re bound forever mated in the void
One for all eternity

I’ll love you dearly, hold you tenderly
The universe will know our bliss
Children will soon come forth across our sphere
Wonders follow on our kiss

We’re round
so round
Solid round
we fly so high

We’re round
so round
Solid round
lovers world and sky

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