Croatian Backwoods Supernova Redux

teslatic wall-walker swinging that hammer
so with the young R.S. scrubbing huge grease pans
locked in the walk in
melanie sneered him off
mean old man hates his pickles
a moment of justice.
later in the cinder-block
he knows he’s lost everything
especially her
black eye from the carnival
broken heart from the drive-in
and now — a visit from his lovely father
‘leave the campus’ says the pink grizly
‘you don’t BELONG.’
he cries but he’s been crying for a long time
and he’s almost all cried out now
seventy two hours
six pizzas and a case of jolt
a two-by-four across the steel door to the boiler well
where he was sentenced to serve
a civil-war doctor and the old hippie-lady
he codes for O.Z.’s black box
and when he staggers out into the light of day
he is a Tired God.

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