Wake Up!

Variant 1:
Do you feel it?
A warming of the ground?
Something is happening
Vibrations all around

Variant 2:
What life of misery
such a sleep of terrors
what new torment coming
to realize all our fears?

Variant 3:
I liked the cold and quiet
a perfect place to sleep
I’ll get up in a moment
is there anything to eat?

Chief Scientist:
The dream is over, greet the dawn
time to get to work
this planet is due for a big makeover
no time to idle and shirk

First we have to start warming things up
through a number of means and steps
orbiting mirrors will shine light on the subject
drive frozen gas from the depths

Bring in dark algae and spread it around
lower albedo and thicken the air
Then bring in the extremophiles
They’re happy to live anywhere

Target the natives for genetic enhancement
our goal is to make them thrive
every means to encourage advancement
this world is coming to life 

Long I lay in endless sleep
my time, my love had passed
Now something stirs me, brings me warmth
is she here again at last?

I was drained and long dispersed
now buoyed by life anew
accelerated bounty blooms
does my lover feel this too?

Variant 1:
Our perfect world is here now
just as I forecast
Time to start evolving
Gonna be a scientist!

Variant 2:
It seems we face another round
life’s terrors come again
I’ll strive to face new misery
as artist sketch the pain

Variant 3:
My cell walls are expanding
growing arms, legs & tail
duty calls to eat and sleep
maybe I’ll become a whale

Chief Scientist:
We need more air, water and heat
survey the neighboring worlds
methane and ice on collision course
land a few asteroids

Start the greenhouse emissions
let’s get tropical fast
import more plants- make some forests
build this world to last

Rains are falling and rivers run
Lakes and seas to the brim
cultivate new life to stir the pot
anything that can walk or swim

This world now lives let’s take a break
but peek in now and then
We’ll lend a hand as need requires
and await the women and men

Far from alone I live now
above my Sky abides

I dance and shine in happiness
below my Planet sighs

Planet and Sky together:
A gift of joy and grace
with love, embrace new lives

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