The Chute.

that video
that fricking awful video
compressed and kicking your feet
when the grinning man mugs
like fricking baron von harkonnen
reaches down and cuts your throat
bleeding to death upside down
not much of a life
now slow death inside a metal tube
in the foreground, the cruel crazy woman chats
while the creature bleeds upside down
struggling jerking every fiber
pure despair in a small brain
is still pure despair
i know that flavor of despair
i have smelled it
she chats and the grinning man mocks
his hands clenched tighter on the legs
the tube shudders
upside down

screamy heaven, full of blood
hallowed be thy mad caged creature
thy torment done
just for fun
by folks who’re just apparently wired that way
and lead us not into medieval darkness
but deliver us from from our hindbrain
that mocks above the metal chute
and clutches tighter on the legs
while the reptile plots in happy cadence

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