with purple pang

where is the love
we used to share
beneath the evergreen?
we organic souls
savage balance
like a sunken ship

have you seen the dow?
it’s way downtown
down dude and
sad for the masses
a figurine of despair
long dark hair
and night upon us
but a shot in the air and
the revolution is on
someone cries
“there are louse about!”
and the bad men are
seized and manded
to public service
and forever

but me daydream of
wildflowers sprout
from the slime of
this crucible
the invention of hell
let’s take a ride
to the edge of night
i’ll show you things
you’ve never seen
i show you kings and
queens like sprung
from their gilded
palaces in the sun
and strongly to the suit
with purple pang

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