i don’t know what he means

this talk of kilts and combats
what in the hell is max talking about
how can i tell him
on the blog
in some sort of max/byron code
that i don’t get it
without everybody in the frickin’ world
seeing me as some sort of dullard
fresh fruit off the boat
christ this is tough a lot of stress
should i pick up the phone
or send an email
yeah, right through Room 57
and into carnivore no thanks
code code hmmmm
neal stephenson
okay — the key to the entire code
is the first letter of your girlfriend’s name
when FreakDog nearly severed my achilles
then that letter would be the letter a
and so on
in a rotating fashion

on update: I meant: fqjbbdy?
i suck at crypto
in the alternate universe where i was turing
hitler won

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