mythical creatures

mythical creatures


we are mythical creatures
haunted by the specter of
looming reality
dare not you make us real
to decay
to rot
to become mundane
leave us alone
do not examine, explain,
for gods sake do not animate
like the pathetic gargoyles
once mysterious
now beamed into the youngsters mind
by bad food and worse toys
hold us please
in your imaginations
potential without potency


read about us
in old musty books
search out our figures
carved on forgotten tombs
on the lineal
of buildings built
before your parents were born
leave your heat-seeking missiles at home
no night-vision goggles
we make no heat
we make no sound
we make no demands
we live at the edge of perception
we inhabit your
ancestral memories
we live in the clouds
we are glimpsed from the corner
of your i
you remember us when you awake


harry made us of clay
with wire armatures
he brought us to life
in a respectable way
filled with awe
too bad you were not there for that first saturday matinee
no there were no lines around the theater
(the whole town would have had to line up to make a line that long)
but in that near empty theatre harry made them come alive
but you missed that
you did not take ellen winz to see the amazing battle
between the centaur and the skeletons
now we are made with such precision
painfully real – tiresome to watch
and so much killing
that the
must flow like blood
on the digitizing floor
we curse you vertex shader
we curse you bump map
we curse you particle systems
leave us in your imaginations
leave us in your dreams
leave us in your stories read at bedtime
leave us unreal

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