volley down the andee


we swore on our lamp of gold
as a solid step for the feet of man
for simple things to become true
words in a cold book to rise
rivers crossed to bear our backs
souls of the fallen to mean more
and the lives of many made better
look out and in then reach out
the full moon means nothing to fate
the sea cannot be spoken to
cold stars are hot when close
no wisdom but us in their eyes
one with a view to the roiling earth
remarked that his progeny would soon leave
borne out of boiling patterns
unable to sit still always talking


a clean living room
everything undone
we are but civil soldiers
marked by the arms we bear
truth justice and the american
descending into oily chaos
a wildflower
3 fake 90′s
on a steel chassis
longhaired mystery men
playing arab music
all the gold’s in a bank
three tigers thick
wreck and ruin and rain
nothing will live there
for many years
be careful


twenty five television paces
they drew and fired
one down on the stone
one poised and perfect
trigger hot the moment strobes
sixteen vicarious words
spellcheck’d and special for him
reality sinks away drowsily
the sensation of a face in the river
by the fingertips and floating
all open windows and apple pies
good trucks and evergreens
several are insane
here is dread: he thinks the world
comes from him
that he is alone


i write for my high so
i’m writing up high tonight
randi rhodes rocks the clean thought
the only voice i’ll write to
hard to say openly
i think she’s john adams
or maybe davinci reborn
some higher pattern
faster than lightning
slightly unstable to
pay for the path
deeper in knowledge
dance every minute
every daydream
real as we come
here comes the roll
the comforting words
she’s like. the only one.

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firebird yellow
strapped out in the easy sun
big magnets blasting out the way
it never will be again
touchdown at the slave sale
uneasy in the kitchen but
that’s the way you are
slipping out to the garage with the olds
khazakistani style
true-tellinÂ’ at the pool
with the sweet humming funk bank
pushing everyone to love
that lemon breeze
with the top off
laid down singing
everyone is

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