cool mud mask

why are we upright?
i wonder if it is to
make the connection
between solid earth &
liquid sky
lightning rods are we
but something has
made us bent & twisted
uptight instead of upright
we carry no spark
no diamond in the dark
cannot infuse the earth
with lemons &
the divine inspiration
can’t give a cool mud mask
to lighten the tightened &
serious face of the spiritual
movie costumes cheap
cosplay shop

byron i have no poem for you
i only have my life only have me
there are no words to split from
the organism of andee
take me for who i am
the “good” & the “bad”
the “creative” & the “stupid”
when you see that all is genius
you will see the same in yourself
when i refrain from judging you
when i stop comparing
what i have done
with joel’s contribution
how many mountains skied &
songs wrote & minds freed
how many impeach pits you
have planted on dawn’s highway
how many blogs
traveling the skyway
shooting arrows at the sun
through a cage

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