email from greg

i’m gay
i’m a nurse
i’m a boring hippy fake
writing homoerotic verse
like Rod McKuen
while thinking i’m
Philip K. Dick
from tex-ass.
you’re named Kandy
Kandy McKannon
then he called you –
and semi-literate
and –
a deadhead
who smokes pot
while quoting Mein Kampf
(pg. 52, on the Metamorphosis of the National Soul, remember?)
you’re a “democrat”, Kandy.
such a nice email from our old friend greg
i thought back to a night of DSL
when you freaked out a peaking greg
and he ran through the house in the dark
wild, like a stampeding gorilla
“I’m a man!”, he shouted over and over
grabbing things and throwing things
we all sat in the dark saying
woahh. what’s going on?
but too tangled up in the hallway vines
to go see
i read the email and wondered
am i gay?
Maybe, i thought.
Maybe he’s right.
Then i thought: Wait.
Maybe it’s him.
ah, the old “deep down”
where i am the Big Fear Image River
and you are the Bouncing Ball of Coyote Freakout
i’m going to read Mein Kampf again
greg always did have the best art head
and i always learn from him
so as long as he doesn’t kill me
it’s all right

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