death at midnight

you just couldnt do it
could you, arnold?
they wouldve thought
you were weak
just a girly man
putting frowns
on the faces of
your republican friends
you wanted to be the tough guy
show old tookie whos boss
after all
youre the terminator
but ill tell you what
this is nothing new
its the same old story
big tough white guy
kicks the shit out of
little black guy
it certainly wasnt a fair fight
tookie was already down
hed been kicked
a thousand times or more
long before the crips hit town
the gang wasnt even a gleam
in his eye when tookie took the shit
its easy to act tough
on the screen, arnold
but the real mettle
comes out
between shows
out in the parking lot
or in a dark alley
where some kid is reading
one of tookies books
about growing up
clean &
a word you wouldnt understand
did tookie kill those folks, arnold?
he said he didnt and some say
he was set up
how many have you killed
mr. macho man?
your friends in washington
are exemplary killers
good with the blade
the gun, white phosphorus
the bomb, the bull dozer
the contractual agreement
the penis
guilt by association, arnold
100 thousand Iraqis dead
2200 americans dead
one planet dead from heat stroke
add to the list one death row inmate
what is that red stain upon your hand
tookie couldve reached a thousand kids
with his books
but you reach millions
with your obscene friendships
let the children read stories of
violence and death
kind of like the movies you made
they are tomorrows actors
but theyll only get parts
in gangs, in prison, as corpses
tookie wanted to change the script
peace to you, arnold
peace to the world!

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