a wrinkle in time

now at gymnastics
my ten year old
is a lemur leaping
a cheetah chasing
a spider spanning
and oh how I long
for the innocence here
but tomorrow gone!
beware the burglar
for when we sleep
the tumblers are turned
and this eternal day
is stuffed into
the vault of time
personal history
is then told
by the lines
on a wrinkled face
innocence dies
to experience
like a rose
to the painful thorn
but what is this?
the wizened face
stands apart from
time and space
I’ve been deceived
and not by time
but by my own
distorted chime
my daughter just
leaped thru the ceiling
of this gymnasium!
not bad for an old woman
with a wrinkled face
in another time
and another place

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