so right here there’s six things
two are: impressions of the organic tide
from a point in space looking down on earth
the agonies and ecstasies of the mortals
from spider stories to squid glories
parent to child
and then down to this body this life
this stormy oasis
how i love.
how i feel too strongly
hate the distance and the hatred it makes
hate the haters
love the brave lonely lights
way out there on the water
love the earth.
the actual dirt of this place.
deep dark caverns of soul
chrysolite. whatever that is.
then several other questions:
where is sky.
i wish missy io was still talking to me
she would like the title of this poem
i got it from her voice i still hear:
all right mama, i’m a-coming
hello the maxwell, i tell simon stories to my kids
and they like him, the heroic yet edgy simon
great stories with dangerous mac.
there he goes again.
hello tonight out to ALL ALIVE
let’s live
hey andy.
sometimes in the morning, when i’m shaving and
no one’s around
i go into my son’s room and sit down on his chair
next to the aquarium with the six walking sticks
henry tommy cupcake raisin oatmeal and the baby
they always flex at the sound of the razor
and we talk.
the baby had lost a leg but now it’s grown back
and she’s becoming quite the mighty bark-skinned beast
i get freaked when they walk on me
but i love them.
goodnight all.

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