what will be the shape
of this world beyond the
bloody curvature of vision?
will the creature swim to ecstasy
or be crushed by the weight of
this deranged and perilous time?
can he imagine his future
or have designer drugs and t.v.
forecast another extinction
in the fossil record?
can he chart the course of his
humble and hidebound ideologies?
has he not spotted on the horizon
the death trap that he has
laid for his loved ones?
his personal power has been
plundered by general electric
keys to the kingdom have been
traded for the ignitions of gmc
he has lost his lustre and
shines only in the darkness
of the latest disney movie
the night is black but he
must fumble for a candle
when the fuse is lit
he will awaken–
the long nightmare
will be forgotten
and he will dress
for the new dawn

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