fence jumpin’ dogs

for all the animals in cages
for all the animals that don’t get enough love
in sterile apartments on the fashionable outskirts
of justdontgetit, california
allie and the beagle are out today.
allie was a born escaper and the beagle
a born follower, happily wagging
a friend
allie thinking all day long
fence gates easier than the back gate past Bruno
checking the strangers for handouts
walking into the store and chased –
how dare they! the beagle gets a donut.
happy tail wagger where you going now allie
down to the big river for the trash tide
overstuffed park cans and dumpsters fer divin’ in
rollin’ in the dead squirrel for dessert
one of the strangers looks at allie’s tags
the beagle hangs back as the stranger
puts allie in the yard and makes a call.
while he’s inside — zing! sail up and over!
no one can hold allie! and they rejoice
off down the sidewalk to look for melted ice cream
beagle glad to have the troubles over now
happing wagging and what is the allie doing now?
she’s going downtown. high dog boots a ‘walkin.
what a cool day.

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