le fenetre (french kiss)

yeah there was 4 am w/ coffee
in the press and bottles of water
cut up vegetables and sandwiches
assembled/ there was a kiss for sleeping
beauty and animals throughout the house/
there was an ancient map of nyc with postal
routes on it and a stumbling out the door into the
modern morning and walking through campus and a
urination on the tree and the bus still w8ing/ sacha so
twisted and gored by the hurt of it all war is a helluva way
to launch a democracy/ oozing peace and talking politics with
the german dude with red hair/ there was a thundering greyhound
assaulting the pavement and wicked little sticks on the windshield
wacking at the rain/ a gray day was rising and a morning like melons
so mellow and candy blue sky like an upside down cake/ here and there
on the threshold of staten island gray and decadent but always with the hope
of the sea/ the ferry lay waiting and boarding one hundred fifty stalwart
maniacs w/ a common thread of madness determined to
stick a toothpick in the side of goliath and watch him die

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