jagged grapefruit

mr. forheavensakes was almost out the door when the orderly spotted him. get him! don_t let him escape! but the sick man strove furiously for the closing automatic door, pumping the wheels as fast as his withered arms could move. he lost them- the orderly, the unit psychiatrist and the helicopters- at the turn of the path as it dips right and into the woods. his arms were spastic and welcomed the steep descent toward the trees. shoot him! screamed the psychiatrist and it all came back to forheavensakes- the research, the money, his family,and then the arrest- all this before the war. on to the hospital and the grisly experiments, but they couldn_t make him talk. suddenly the wheel chair hooked a root and careened dangerously into the trees, ejecting mr.heavensakes and pitching him into the thick swamp. 3-2-1 fire! and the missile streamed from the helicopter, igniting the oak and maple crowns before violent and evaporating the swamp. the old limbs had atrophied from 6 years in the home but he was mad for it, desperately seeking the submerged passageway. it was there! off to the left by the wall and gleaming, the end of the world in a bottle. for a second he stroked it, love of a thousand ages and more than he or anyone could ever remember. he pulled the pin and the world exploded.

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