electric and free

hey fredrick
the time has come
to do what must be done
the hissing snakes that rule us
will no longer fool us
or flabbergast old earth mother
we have tasted their venom
and around the denim
felt the strangle of their coils
now i reach out to touch you and
we meet in clover peace blanket
hovering love and astonish
i dare say there is power
in our secret garden
back there in the village
girls in their grass and psychedelic
skirts singing street songs and
cleansing chemical like
love trips to the other side
i saw so many flowers!
spun from the sun
ecstatic in their pollinations
i wanna vacation from
the toilet bowl a freedom
paisley and perfect
jivanmukta on the prowl
dust yourself off and stand
tall with the rest of us
it is time to fight electric
and free

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