center hot shake seethe pent apostle
two tons of armor plate and an artillery emplacement on his back
irif was the tiny son of a wild female
he was caught fleeing through the jungle and raised
to be a tank
irif grew to be a groundshaker fierce and the largest
war elephant that ever lived
proud calvarymen trembled when he hove into view
four cannons blazing and followed by a screaming horde
his tusks tipped with gold blades gleaming hard
thirty archers and spearmen arrayed upon him
he was The Weapon
then one hot bloody day
struck by a lance near his jaw
irif went mad and turned back upon his followers
he romped and stormed and screamed and trampled
his cannoneers tried desperately to kill him
with a sword kept for just such a reason
all were thrown and mushed
hundreds died under his rage and then the enemy closed in to complete
the kill
sunset found irif exhausted in the center of a lake of dead people
his armor gone his carriage smashed nothing but elephant left
he wandered off to look for leaves

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