still back in the days

when i was young
people going from house
to building had to
stifled screams at the
sight of the yawning sky
stars at the bottom of the cliff
nothing but air between you
upside down and praying
for everyone to agree
that gravity continued
some went insane
and climbed down to the
tops of the mountains
to look down into the blue
or black or grey horror
their slack faces gibbering
with a seeming wonder
as if they loved OUTSIDE
as if they could not be hurt
by the endless fall into
blood-boiled popsicle hell
bouncing on stuff all the way
down to the BOTTOM
i could never understand
the lunatics
the observation deckers
fliers and floaters
now of course reality is
a hard quintuple stream of electrons
failsafe and no one’s going nowhere
i still get the nervous twitch i’m
still back in the days
that’s why i’ve decided now
to put on this here suit
and get in this here vehicle
i’m climbing down to the BOTTOM
where you can never
fall again

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