sol baby

holy smack-it man
free sentinels roaming
dark-cloud land
feral loping sentries
sniff in the hills for you
blood fear dust one place
now another
tell me this
dwight david eisenhower
the grocery clerk
saw the camps at gotha
he cried
he inspected every nook and cranny
every pile of human flesh
his aides fainted
no other officer could
accompany him
he never faltered
he swore that he would
bear witness for the rest of his life
he grew a secret love
to murder the entire
german general staff
but did not do it
president of the united states
warning of the militindustcomplex
civil rights pioneer
father husband soldier
do these lost souls swirl
around us are we really
flipping from real to spirit
and back like a butterfly
can they speak are they
speaking or
are we alone
and pretending
ike believed
ike tried his damnedest
to live and act like
the idea meant something
like we were good and
getting better all of us
the world
he loved the world
sol baby
what’s going on here

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