little girls

I want to let you know

brother of the far shore

what it is like to be

my own recorder of deeds

to be alive

here and now

out of work

back in college

music in my veins

and a galloping

cup of coffee

little girls

getting taller

and a wife

perennial beauty

like Venus

jewel of my forever sky

to amsterdam!

land of hippies

hash bars and coffee houses

far from the pall of the presidency

the smell of europe

cosmic earth mother

brother jack

so deranged

got a blunt stuck

up his nose

he’s feeling the fever

so hot with the

love for this one

and levon

for the love of a


let’s go to hamsterdam

not far from tunis

in the rapture

we will dwell

swilling from

our private well

we’ll reinvent the gods

all the myths of the ages

and in the blue swirl

of the burroughsian night

we will fly

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