Thru a bonobo’s eyes

I look through the forest
I long for it and yet
My home has gone
Is my species all done?

Those brothers in clothes
Except for these diapers.
But I can tell the colors of your dreams
We tried to help, but were too weak
We just couldn’t make a difference

Peculiar hairless brothers and sisters
Clearly love me and yet,
Watch the screen and don’t understand
Why does ’3′ mean peanut?
Yet I push the right buttons
I must eat afterall
I must eat

The bald ones are smart
They introduced me to a cetacean
And called her ‘Shamu’
Now WE could TALK!
WE can communicate!

The smooth wet one
Couldn’t say her name
All black and white and friendly
That girl knows the secrets of the deep
I can’t know what she knows

She says that she is lonely
So am I
I confess my pain
you miss the deep blue
I miss the deep green
We are both missed

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