when i live on the moon my room will be blue
there in the passage i’ll meet a ghost
moonman the magnificent
then he tells me things to forget and pulls me
all my tight strings spring
i waltz on the surface dust stomping
happy no helmet I the moon
hello blue blue white look at you
i became a scout
for the fifth column of Cap’n Buzzy’s Overt Show And Tell
always out front with my bowtie and shoes
clickety clack and what do you know
moonmania and marseuphoria
buyin’ my back to the promised land
goin’ home
then the thing with the black sun
well if i didn’t make it out
last man standin’, sort of, except for Denon
who’s not a talker
turnin’ over a new leaf
my DNA was talking to me the other day from the computer?
and it said sharp up you slacky no ne’er well doer
nobody left but the sequencers and slicers and me and Denon
who’s not a talker or even really a person
deep space
well, that went on
and then we got to here
and it’s a good mix cause they cut and pasted
man’s got a lot of extra pressed under those numbers
and a good hunk of chip can solve him
solve him good
weedacky it’s a long, long living
for a jumpy moonman

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