Secret Language

wild wild west
boom thum boom thum
flash of a badge
blowjobs in the lot
blank stare practice
cheap cheap ethyl flowing into delivery liquids
wild red eyes and new blood chemistry
waving a big handgun
‘down on the ground’
and we got down
i drove home at 3AM to watch
grand old opry minnie pearl and
little jimmie dickens
porter wagoner always gave me the creeps
but chet atkins was a god
picked up two young hitchhikers
the wrong color for the foothills
home of the klan meth man thing
they were nice kids but republicans
so i stiffened up
young black republicans scare the shit out of me
even more than young republicans
so i’m keepin’ it light
drop ‘em off in placerville and on home
4AM and me and kierkegaard are wide awake
carl perkins is teaching elvis how to ROCKABILLY
and me how to forget
what the floor smelled like

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