aldous wrote:

has anyone nailed the location of the chick with the brick? was it lisa smail? or some other hottie just waiting to be plucked by the nerd cum madman but the only thing hard she got was the brick. of course you know she can be found anywhere; she is the deepest part of you/she gives relief to the conscience when all the world is guilt/she is the gushing of your mother’s breast and the flow of the eternal spring bring liquid inspiration/in return we learn to give the brick of our stick and shick/our uncertain art/we now wait for the explosion of a million bricks falling/temperatures rising/and everybody freaking out cause we plumb run out of oil/but if we listen in the spaces when the bombs and cries of little babies are silent/we may hear the mother of all earth and soul calling us home to live like hippies in the wood/or we can listen to the banner brothers’ last track on the third side/just a media stunt like “paul is dead”?/a truth incantation encoded for play on god’s turntable?/suburban gents collective rage/early on in nihilistic age?/you make the call byronius.

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