acid trip

i don’t know if i have
ever felt so bad
what is it oh
shame to the bucket?
you scramble yon clover
and i point man to the sword
where did you get that fat lip
oh pugnacious one and
lying to the hip
waggerdly buzzardly
into the blizzardly
fatuous friday and
bedazzled to a crithp
ok ok i got arrested
last night they found
the mushrooms in the closet
its like a morrison poem
where i slit my wrists
in the kitchen
blood all over the floor
its up to my ankle
spilling force of
the brute star spangle
we gotta get bush
out of office
before he kills somebody
“they wanted me to answer
in a court of law
when all i wanted
was a quart of slaw
you tell me i
will never find heaven
when it’s what i lost
when i was eleven
it’s what i lost
when i was eleven…”

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