for hunter s.

wrecking ball
with wings
way too much
open sky
bound to
hit the ground
in a hard way
he had a gift
for soaring high
maybe with enough
adrenaline he
could forget
that he was
mortal like the
rest of us
i always wanted
to follow him
thru the clouds
but even as i
tilted upward
my feet got
tangled in the
web of words
he was a dark angel
a desperate raven
cruising thru
the night of
the human condition
he was a character
in his own book
and leapt off the page
until his pen
ran out of ink and
he came crashing down
with the rest of us
nothing left to say
let’s have a moment
of silence for he
who would have us
shake the rust
from our own wings
and leave the
wrecking ball
replicas relojes de lujo

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