Velour Eight

sweet creamy leather seats
two thousand horsepower and a rocket
room enough to live in
the biggest fattest newest mars tires
brake scoops and side spoilers and everything
sixteen coats of radiation red video paint with seven clear coats
titanium engine
plutonium transmission
cameras and robots tucked away everywhere
robot! bring me a cream cheese sandwich
don’t i look all perfect for the crowd
zoom in and give me a little smear
feed it to the body screens
i so cool
door panels lined in rare fur
everything else is chrome
driving to the Chicken Hut
i talk to myself about the little things i need
to make me happy
everybody’s got to have one
or you got nothing
the Velour Eight says me me me me
all about me
look at me
everything’s about me
you drive a Velour
and people just know right then
you don’t give a fuck about anything
you’re the center
it can all go to hell
when you drive an Eight
hey — let’s just go!
it’s all the rage

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