full circle

i awaken to the promise of a new morning
with a million suns dawning in my head
like natives hauling my brain cells around in
canoes and navigating the stream of consciousness
the radio intrudes and i begin the reckoning
the canoes have been swamped by churning
paddleboats full of tourists w/ straw hats & cameras
i pour a glass of fresh water from the faucet
the river of life becomes unfit to drink
i head for the office and the contract is signed
a forest of prime hardwood for a thousand an acre
i drive to my new house in the country four tiered
with six bedrooms for me and the wife and kid
i grab a big mac as the tribe returns from the hunt
to find cattle grazing in the clearcut village
i stop at walmart on the way home to buy
another pair of nike sneakers as the native
children start to work in the factory built
just for them so they can improve their lives
ask the girl who was raped after her shift
of making clothes including the negligee
my wife wears as we make sweet love
my dreams are full of dread as the
shaman has a vision of the great spirit
helping to reunite the scattered tribe
i awaken with a thudding heart as
the tribe reassembles to drumbeats
sounding the promise of a new morning

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