the taste of orange cream soda
standards flapping in the afternoon wind
i found myself walking through the county fair
backwards, with large white feet
the ferris wheel diesel roars and the happy patrons
flung into the clouds, scream joy
i put my money on the shootin’ stand
fwap fwap fwap and my prize is
a giant faceless beast of fur
who clings to me, frightened to have been won
i reassure him and see that he does have eyes
in the monkey fear trailer i lose him
to the mirrored flash and the falling
it makes me sad.
i ride the cars and the planes
and then aboard the ferris wheel
they stop halfway up and i look over the whole world
but i don’t see her face
and the pang
the stab of loss the total fear
that i have lost her
that i may fly into the sky
but i will never see her face again
i’m crying when the man pushes the lever
the wheel shudders and jerks and
my face is pulled back and
out of the seat i fly
the whole world is a cloud
her face never to see
her face again

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