naked in the screen room
i couldn’t sleep
so i picked the v planet sky
thick rain pouring down
dark grey clouds freshly dripping
deep purple suns and the
Trailing Halo
no one knows what it is
leftover cataclysm of some kind
the universe full of mysteries
i like to touch it
make it small and hold it
tonight i fall asleep inside it
dreaming rain on leaves
rushes of wet air
the Halo murmurs like a lover
when i turn over i see something
and i’m awake and looking
at something’s face
a face that’s all i can say
looking at me
it belongs to the Halo
someone from long before
the simulation found something
a pattern in the Halo and
this is the essence of them
my heart bolts in pure fear
the animal that lived jumps up
and cries out ‘stop!’
the room grows white and light
and safe.
when i go back the face is gone
the Halo seems even deeper
but never looks at me again

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