settled into routine
staring out the window
she fell in love with donovan
a complicated problem
bridge pursues her endlessly
her most fevered admirer
he would do anything
and that’s a good thing
when she’s down
when she’s up she deserves donovan
aloof and well-said a man
bridge for car repairs
donovan for champagne
but of course to bridge
dana was the center of life
a sun he had focused all to
a dyson sphere of love
donovan liked her ass
a little bit
dana fell into donovan’s arms
at the party and
bridge’s heart broke.
everyone laughing too loud
knowing bridge
even dana takes perverse pleasure
in savoring the smack of the real
hitting someone else
bridge’s red face seared
by donovan’s half-open eyes
and dana’s beautiful smile
he leaves the party.
he weeps with rage and shame.
dana looks him up the next day
oh it was a joke silly
you’re so jealous and sensitive
get over yourself.
and bridge tries
three more times
not counting the time
five years later.

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