in my life i do three things
eat and sleep and watch tv
no kids so the vids are hard as you can
then sometimes watch the hardhead man
the hardhead man tells it like it is
without fluff or stuff that confuses us
he says ‘bah’ and we laff haw haw
we heard funny stuff like this from pa
monkey butt funny and we’re laughing all the time
but the liberals crying like it’s a capital crime
they whine and then they cry and then they stick you in the can
but we kin git free says the hardhead man
‘hit ‘em in the mouth before the crap comes out’
‘vote for our guy and throw da bums out’
the strong man’ll clean ‘em up wait and see
the hardhead man sez he’ll drive ‘em to their knees.
praise the lord and burn the books.
haw haw.
you know what? we need us some livin’ room.

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