Five For Andy Before Trial

I. french boy

there are no ghosts
except perhaps high in the tower
the vikings
inferior superior nothing like that matters
cold water spins swing it and leap
under the steel for the lunar fade
the teutons
no history no history please please
ok vague big dusty history
but no details in the gaut mist
gaut gothic god the father of jeezer-b
holy cow we are all alone
the americans
when they go insane the world burns
better drugs better drugs for those people
stop animal testing
what the hell are you doing
wrong thinking rules french boy

II. little creature lost his name

downtown saint louis has a dark brown
building amidst the greys and tans
it looks out on the great arch
in this building on the seventh floor
in the men’s bathroom farthest from
the elevator north wall near the door
crouched in a box set behind the
cracked green tile five feet up
lives a little creature lost his name
he watches all day and all night
through the crack he watches them
know them remembers things that happened
when the old janitor scrubbed the tile
the creature would hide when they
filled in the crack he would poke it out
he saw things and heard things
he listened to everything they said
listened for his name

III. moonboy

moonrock radio coalescing overhead
leaping up high up high to the sled
moonquake shaking yeah so stay on your toes
taking you down see where the mooncave goes
all alone all alone he’s talking to himself
twenty-seven versions watching from the shelf
sitting in the orb looking out hard
what are these scars look at these scars
the purple mountain shining high
plate tectonics shaking for our side
thunder moving pure air breezes
the herds are thrumming in strong beat
pounding out the rythmn of soul beat
striking the ground making the sound
shaking up the moondust for miles around
sweet lilac scent a complete mystery
the window is open on tranquility
heavy heavy boots stomping the ground
now we’re flying by leaps and bounds

IV. red grass

after dinner she said let’s go out for a walk
wander to the laughing bridge and let the river talk
take a spin through the tingle wood and feel the dancing breeze
take the shiny red paddleboat and sail the mirror sea
on our way and shadowed by a leaping little man
giggles from the brush and underneath this strange land
and what do you think of me
she said in a whisper
i laughed and moved closer to kiss her
when the world disappeared
underneath my feet
the heavens whirled out
and the light became clear
in the morning she said let’s go to the bakery
we’ll order our tea and go sit on the bench
the red grass is rippling with an uncertain feeling
when we kiss it grows happily again
see the stars turning for us today
a smile on his face as he turns the crank

V. and

summer storm whistling down driving us
off your porch and
now we’re murmuring art talk and
down to deep political dreams and
wild flowers and love and sea creatures
sad and lonely men in half-dream life
suffering pangs of romantic musing and
sudden light shining on them they lose the balance
and fall like i did into the
mutable living stream
clear wind from the pass turns us to
faces and now my patterns are singing with joy and
our center is dreaming face to the
sky and deep moving bright light
keeps us in contact and

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