cosimo and fabrizio funk out

tunney almost sat down on the ground
the funhouse mirrors rubberflex
sideshow secret smoky hallways
ten feelings there are no rules
spinning up the staircase orange swirl
god forgives me because i am beautiful
essence of beatnik poured over the floor
i will tell you the secret she said
this religion we sell is not real
we quietly ignore the rules we have made
and it gives us great power
really a trap we sell a trap for the weak
we make money and they serve us
because we are smart we can do this
tunney gaped at her shocked to his core
“But what does that mean about me, then?”
draping over the horse couch and stretching
she said you serve me, tunney, ’cause you must
my command is your wish your mind is mine
and it can never be other than this for you
tunney drooped. “I am a rag man, then. Not real.”
real you are, tunney, but not as real as i am
now to your tasks
and send another up
driving the chunnel i once saw Skeeter Davis, tunney thinks
this is like that time a big thing in the long time
i cannot be the same
i must change now
he slumps out
sends another up
and takes a greyhound home to ames
where he becomes the local apiarist
and wakes himself up slowly

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