Mr. Green

gone backpacking with Mr. Green
no telling the things he’s seen
climbing up high in the hot blue sun
no telling the things he’s done
water glancing off his shoulder
leaping off of a giant boulder
fifty-two million years of sky
the waterfall is much too high
climbing up on a bank of snow
the dark pool is far below
walk down by the river side
sleep under the stars at night
blue flowers on the mountainside
suddenly no place to hide
jupiter is far too large
ten mile valley is much too long
blocks of stone are much too wide
the universe is far too high

the earth is just a giant dream
i’m on the edge with Mr. Green
he’s looking down far below
no telling the things he knows
trapped up high on a big white dome
what do we have to do to get over this stone
i’m too close to the noosphere
the face the sky the beautiful tear
then greenable finds a way
we survive one more day

ramble all day looking in caves
climbing up the ridge to edge in front of me
i’m fine i’m just fine
way too high on the edge of bellamy
far out way far out
there’s no doubt this is the edge
all that air deep blue air
between the sun and me

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