two asian girls

sex and pretty
skipping sun sprites
in the slanting summer
what i couldn¹t play with in
the breezes of my mind
and through the valleys
now cerebral throbbing
birth of life and upland
broad and rising
rivulets and waterfalls
ancient dim forests
of sapling like giants
in the west
factor in potato and
launching others lunching
done and learching out
one low moment in
everyone¹s life as you
reel and careen from one
bruised and battered bittern
to the claw
and now the reason to
believe that we¹ve truly
fucked ourselves and fouled
our nests for now and ever
sullied imposition french fries
all the while the
wasting and the wither
of our home
but then we all emerge
together on the heath
and on the heather
for the next slow
spinning of earth
and there shining
in her sandals dripping
honey from her toes
i love the sunshine

i besmirch you byron
everything i know to
be true to the jackjaws
of fire! a betoothed and
spectacled hate in the
vision kitchen burned
soft learned to pretend
to get what she wanted
to hemp to sell to make
to smoke unto your
croakage lung and baggage
flipping forward flinching
in the firelight of the emblemed
ember dancing and creating
warmth, love, humor and
neurons like new roads
new ways to feed your spirit
skyward stretching
in the personal adventure
of life gone fishing wife done
grousing gone flailing and finally
free but fevered raving moratorium
on paving perfect pause
in the calm of a breathless
lull in the rhythm of the
earth in the hereness and
beyond clapping sunday

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