ouch me and blake

i just gotta say
i love your lines
its all i could ask
for harmony in oceans
and forever tuned like
forks at breakfast
wordless in the long night
they ate their tongues
in the fevered famine
and lost the way
to tell stories
we are like those
talkless tellers
beakless birds
of the stone syllable
ouch me and blake but
what does it take
to get through with
honest conversation?
have i ever felt the warmth
of a touch of another’s mind
have i ever dwelt in the
sanguined mindswirl
where one eye
blinks at the other
to make two? but oh
how the shadow soothe my
mind and the one i groove
o¹er the western sage!
in the desert
there is no horizon
only steam rising
from the big bowl

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