starsea mothers

byronfish now i know you’re the salefish did you already get this?


vacuum man


it’s over man

i tried to tell you

we ran for the tunnel

but we didn’t make it

it was so far down

leaning over the moon

i slipped thru your fingers

and fell to earth

they thought i was a meteorite

i hit so hard

man i was baked


if you listen real close

you can hear the rhythm

of the universe

an old cherokee war drum


in the silence of parsecs

the heart of shiva

is beating in your chest

in my chest

the west is the best

who is this unannounced guest?

speaking in parables

wash n’ wearables

screaming in the city

there was a murder

down at the dock

they set out bait

to poison the dogs

yog sothoth


the golden age of childhood

it was so long ago

but she lives there now

in the golden city

she wears the crown

and exhales innocence

and breathes in steam

she’s living the

perfect childhood dream


oh troubadour of the electric age

courting the abyss

i wonder have you left the cage

and entered into bliss?

frightful vacuum

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