this part of the utah desert
has places you don’t go
little ledges under the cliff
in the darkness
where the reality has worn through
crouching over a mountainedge
the giant grows small and
climbs down to stride into
the town of Moab
from mussorsky and LSD
to the pizza hut of Moab
and through the door as
he grows smaller
the red vinyl booth is tight
the giant orders
when the pizza has come
he has grown smaller and
slipped under the table
now the grime where the linoleum
has torn is a place
and now a world
too small he grows
now fighting bad neutrinos
with their silver charge whips
the nameless lice in the fibers
now beasts and still he grows smaller
he is there now
this day this moment
in his mind he returned to size
and lived a life
with wife and children
in this world he is falling because
there is nothing smaller than him
in the floor beneath table three
pizza hut

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