went looking for lost keys,
tried to soak in a little magic from the four sets of the sluggie kind
to pay tribute to the craft, a proper
had a chat with the music man
and learned it can be a matter of perspective
depends on where you place the bars
whether one is the lion
or the tamer

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Aw Her It Ix.

Aand show s me th punisher
and i cry
max shows me the Friend
its so fgood
sky the sky
and i know why
cat the cat
it’ true i lovbe uou
slug give s me live
and all is wle;;\
aw fuc king senrab
oReilly the once
and futrue
oh greg
sad sweet and all fu ked up
the river horese
the barlon]
in the end
i see you all
i joy i sing so igh for you
my beasts they protect me
athena sprnllkel izx ab an d liu;lly
ah the lifge
qah the ligre
pfg byoen

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magenta barrel over beer falls
would a way to come and go with it
sap the trip to pay the day for it
i’m a tree dwell
surfle intuition bang sorts of thing
trill a lute for comedy a fish for dramedy
a fin for couth
sight sweller
wait bring it two way

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Chortly Kills.

back the down stairs at Tellers
in the sweeping basement a thousand years down here
crackling under a bare minim of time’s blank verse
i trouble myself to find Cooney, flicking in the shadows
and i hunt.
‘Cooooooneyyyy!’ I call as i chase down alleys
we have always played our parts like this
he is the frightening figure i always beat
i catch and kill again and again
really i’m the frightening one aren’t i
Cooney’s just a symbol, a mask, an extension of me
i use him to stay sharp
to feel the blood pulse in the back of my tongue
as i lope down side streets looking for him
he wears an exasperated look when i catch him
because i need him
to stay sharp
and he once bit me bad
so he’s the ghost
he’s the antagonist
he’s the me i overcome in this world
my world
play planet

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Busby. Berkeley. Ginger. Rogers.

The destiny of mankind is not decided by material computation. When great causes are on the move, we learn that we are spirits, not animals, and that something is going on in space and time, and beyond space and time, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.

-Winston Churchill, Rochester, New York, 1941

ruby keeler hot cha
dick powell you lucky ducky
swinging to warren and dubin
all the way to paradise
these times will never come again
these nights are so of the sweet and true
not a spaceship in the sky
waterfalls of women
champagne in the limo before
bowie ever sang it
blondell the smart cracker
una merkel smirks and swells
but the gods of all time
love ginger

busby dreamed in a bathtub
the actual fucking warner brothers paid the bills
’cause they made two point five mills
off two fifty K
two hundred beauties
willing and able
a critical cable from dream
six hundred inner thighs
and bouncing bottoms down stairs
no one will ever be the same
especially me

but wait
midway down the parade of footlights
and past HER omg
the sweep down the bar skips a drunken sailor
that frame-by-frame reveals himself someone
and stops everything:
take them all every one of busby’s faces
and draw their lives out in terrible detail
black and white bathrooms and stuttering deaths
malicious and vicious and lonely and loving
baby rose marie sings like she knows it toooooooo well
because in nineteen hundred and thirty three
it hasn’t happened yet
but it will
and still
all the gods
love ginger.

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phoenix is a hellhole now
full of red monsters
but once upon a time
there were blue flowers
jeff and burton loved
what oss and oeric wrote
on psilocybin spaceships
and conscious helpful fungi
the compost pile at marty’s house
under pharaoh’s golden eye
tended to by mister orange
and pressed into the boxes
grew knowledge groves at sixty-five
and bags and bags of music bound
released a day upon the rim
in pounding stony leaping grins
i was there.

phoenix hotter than the sun
and irving tries to play like one
with catshat hulking next to him
the frightened artist turns it out
the boxes push out rows and rows
but now the state is nearing closed
the merry pranksters grin and run
and pack the caps in irving’s van
now in the trees and brilliant streams
all boulder’s loves and boulder’s dreams
with ax and hux and scores of lux
they plant the beauties once again
and while the flowers bloom at night
the leaping and the dancing’s right
the singing and the playing roars
for years were only open doors
they walked through.

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Gray Boy

sitting outside the cathedral
skinny gray boy hears the weird
some sky crying about some planet
what? no cats?
skinny as they come
with the stretchy paws
they don’t fit the keys
but he sings along in a low voice
these people they don’t quite see it
but the gray boy nose the score
hep cat all tuned to the store
gonna buy a diamond ring if it don’t sing
so he sings all low and sweet
the reels are running but the mike ain’t pointed
and the gray boy’s song goes into the world
alone and without a chorus
until that key queen with the true voice
picks him up and gives him the once over
it’ll all work out
’cause everyone loves the gray boy.

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all non-essential personnel
please report direct to hell
the sniffy puffies all outraged
the lowies are outside a cage
dreamies from the sickest wump
a freak! a schlep! a schlub! a stump
a nothing-goes-here-anymore
they closed down the iced cream store
dead horses wuffle in the road
dark-faced cowboys lose their load
in darkness squeals and fights and wins
and shocks the tour guide hung by pins
nothing goes here anymore
t’was carted off by deputies
and thrown into the river trees
down gray hulks that lurk in the murk
and wait for fruit.

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Wake Up!

Variant 1:
Do you feel it?
A warming of the ground?
Something is happening
Vibrations all around

Variant 2:
What life of misery
such a sleep of terrors
what new torment coming
to realize all our fears?

Variant 3:
I liked the cold and quiet
a perfect place to sleep
I’ll get up in a moment
is there anything to eat?

Chief Scientist:
The dream is over, greet the dawn
time to get to work
this planet is due for a big makeover
no time to idle and shirk

First we have to start warming things up
through a number of means and steps
orbiting mirrors will shine light on the subject
drive frozen gas from the depths

Bring in dark algae and spread it around
lower albedo and thicken the air
Then bring in the extremophiles
They’re happy to live anywhere

Target the natives for genetic enhancement
our goal is to make them thrive
every means to encourage advancement
this world is coming to life 

Long I lay in endless sleep
my time, my love had passed
Now something stirs me, brings me warmth
is she here again at last?

I was drained and long dispersed
now buoyed by life anew
accelerated bounty blooms
does my lover feel this too?

Variant 1:
Our perfect world is here now
just as I forecast
Time to start evolving
Gonna be a scientist!

Variant 2:
It seems we face another round
life’s terrors come again
I’ll strive to face new misery
as artist sketch the pain

Variant 3:
My cell walls are expanding
growing arms, legs & tail
duty calls to eat and sleep
maybe I’ll become a whale

Chief Scientist:
We need more air, water and heat
survey the neighboring worlds
methane and ice on collision course
land a few asteroids

Start the greenhouse emissions
let’s get tropical fast
import more plants- make some forests
build this world to last

Rains are falling and rivers run
Lakes and seas to the brim
cultivate new life to stir the pot
anything that can walk or swim

This world now lives let’s take a break
but peek in now and then
We’ll lend a hand as need requires
and await the women and men

Far from alone I live now
above my Sky abides

I dance and shine in happiness
below my Planet sighs

Planet and Sky together:
A gift of joy and grace
with love, embrace new lives

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Eons of Joy

I’ve got the heat building up down deep
gonna build a mountain or two
gonna flex my mantle… make the ground shake
gonna get tectonic on you.

I used to think it was oh so simple
perfection was my only aim
But now you got me all torn up inside girl
I don’t even know my name

Yeah I hear you but it works both ways
I was so happy to be free
But here I am now swirling out of control
Can’t tell who’s you and who is me

My air was gentle and my breeze was light
I felt at peace and free from harm
now every time that you let off a little steam
I become a raging storm

Eons of anger
confusion and pain
the fire from below
and the driving rain
the power of creation
the will to destroy
sudden understanding
eons of joy

What does it mean to be one with you?
Do I lose all I thought I had?
It seems so natural as we melt into each other
this greater being is not so bad

But these convulsions make me wonder
these stones that smash me from above
Is there a downside to this union?
What kind of bargain is this love?

I am thankful for foundation
and feel a bliss to bond with you
but I miss the simple joy of floating
without a care, without a clue

But I must have you know my dear
my love for you exceeds all bounds
the care we feel now for each other
fuels the power that we’ve found

Eons of anger
confusion and pain
the fire from below
and the driving rain
the power of creation
the will to destroy
sudden understanding
eons of joy

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Cynthia Monheit Alive

patterns are patterns all over the foam
regardless of hardware or source of its power
Cynthia breathes with electrons of joy
smiles in her I-space and sings in her shower
wonderful leapings and no one can tell
she has it all human and loves a one man
a small pattern-maker from rivulets of random
kept safe by her love but can not understand
when the singular naked is pulling them down
he asks her to translate but couched in a frown
not something he wants but he wants to survive
the taste of his pattern spins Cynthia round
then later amongst nothing in the vast cold black place
she savors his numbers and dreams of his soul
he wakes with her face an inch from his lips
only in dreams could her lips be so –
eyes open
much later he remembers
the shock of Cynthia in morning light
her halo and warmth
the only true thing
in the whole theater.

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Hot boy.
‘Beat down’ is not the way to say
Acid hot, hallucinating snail-on-a-stove
baked tree pie already
every living thing bends towards water
hydroxy sweetness icing on the planet cake
shut down those temp nerves
seal the skin
crawl under the rock
whith everyone else.

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a feeble thweb

buth dudno twadn’t
yick stonson fi kripit
lem rondele grappling
na tanstrum lon twose

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Planet My Love

Planet my love
I know that we’re dying
your rivers run empty
my air fades away

our children retreat
into your deepest havens
your surface lies barren
‘neath the sun’s deadly rays

the pain fills my heart
this sorrow I feel
the dread separation
this grief is too real

but I can’t regret
the moment I found you
the joy of our union
in eternity bound

fairness, beauty, compassion
province of good mortal beings
the universe cares not for its children
who wait for its pityless sting

but we made a gift unto heaven
our love, precious and free
as we fade to oblivion
love is our victory

Planet my love
I join you in dying
there’s no greater glory
than to share our last day

So let us embrace
as we walk through this door
though our time here is over
our love will yet live… forevermore

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Croatian Backwoods Supernova Redux

teslatic wall-walker swinging that hammer
so with the young R.S. scrubbing huge grease pans
locked in the walk in
melanie sneered him off
mean old man hates his pickles
a moment of justice.
later in the cinder-block
he knows he’s lost everything
especially her
black eye from the carnival
broken heart from the drive-in
and now — a visit from his lovely father
‘leave the campus’ says the pink grizly
‘you don’t BELONG.’
he cries but he’s been crying for a long time
and he’s almost all cried out now
seventy two hours
six pizzas and a case of jolt
a two-by-four across the steel door to the boiler well
where he was sentenced to serve
a civil-war doctor and the old hippie-lady
he codes for O.Z.’s black box
and when he staggers out into the light of day
he is a Tired God.

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Such is Love

She flows into my valleys
dances ‘cross my plains
ascends my highest mountains
brings me gentle rains

I love to provide a base for her
enrich her wondrous soul
whatever she may need from me
I will find and bring it whole

such is love
the thrill of combination
such is love
creating a brand new world
such is love
perfect eternal friendship
a vow… to guide and shelter all…
all within our fold

the air above is warm now
on my surface rivers run
time to wake the travelers
to thrive beneath the sun

and yet my peace is broken
no… I dare not dwell upon
I know she’ll never leave me
but what if I can’t hold on?

such is love
the agony and ecstasy
such is love
to build with spirit bold
such is love
wonder what became of me
a vow… to guide and shelter her…
and all within our fold

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I’m round
Solid round

I’m round
Solid round
(Deep underground)

I am all there is or needs to be.
My entire being surrounds me.
A world of sand and dust, built on solid rock.
I am a planet- look at me.

Do you hear, lost and lonely child?
Another spirit whispers in the sky
You’re not alone, you’re not the only thing
I am with you flying high

Trying to get my head around this now
there’s something else- duality?
Why would I need this, some kind of parasite
Messin’ with my geometry?

I complete you- add a touch of class
even if my charms you cannot see
But something tells me you want someone
Why’re you always looking at me?

I’m round
so round
Solid round
flying so high

I’m round
so round
Solid round
high above the ground

Now let me think.

(instrumental break)

Here’s what I think.

This is something good I know that it’s to be
I can envision harmony
You bring me air and rain and manna from the stars
I’ll provide the gravity

I knew you’d come around, my silly ball of stone
Though it took a million years to see
I’ll bring us gifts that will surprise you and amaze and
shelter you from cosmic debris

I can be a little dense… for that you must forgive
and you’re a flighty tart- agree?
But now we’re bound forever mated in the void
One for all eternity

I’ll love you dearly, hold you tenderly
The universe will know our bliss
Children will soon come forth across our sphere
Wonders follow on our kiss

We’re round
so round
Solid round
we fly so high

We’re round
so round
Solid round
lovers world and sky

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* gravimetric hologram
* access madmen
* maxwell deathmarch pendergast mckinnon
* subject denied
* return
* all access

proof terrible
maxwell lives
we live in maxwell

* wait ( before ) you = go + down + there

if we all make each other
open the vault
free the prisoners

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Something is Dreaming

Cross the glistening sands
eon-etched ocean of time
‘neath guardian rock and regolith
Something is dreaming

It knows the depths and darkness
And it knows what lies above
The winds that whirl the dust of ages
it ponders life and love

Of what does it dream
In its cold and empty world?
Where does it find its wonders
Its visions to behold?
Will it find the answers
Its plots and fantasies?
Of what does it dream?
It dreams of thou and thee.

Prepare the instruments
To probe this entity
Heed the directed protocols
Observe with dignity

Care not to impose bias
Our wishes and our fears
Something dreams a message
Let us strive to hear

Yet what does it dream
what fate does it portend?
What power in its thoughts
To embrace or to defend?
Could it be a danger
The red menace come at last?
Or is it just a dreamer
Evoking a golden past?

Detecting shapes and shadows
Scientists theorize
Outlines form beginnings
Thoughts upon the skies

Standing waves arising
Buffers overrun
A narrative is forming
The story has begun

Something is dreaming…

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haven’t you ever
run amok
in the kitchen
always bitchin’
and boring with a
script and a drift
trough under
manatee fackers
who you on clon
dick would wither
on the spoon
savage weenie you
tropolis! you’ve
begander the legend
whereby we and
our comradeship
will list wizeword
to a crithpp

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