Something is Dreaming

Cross the glistening sands
eon-etched ocean of time
‘neath guardian rock and regolith
Something is dreaming

It knows the depths and darkness
And it knows what lies above
The winds that whirl the dust of ages
it ponders life and love

Of what does it dream
In its cold and empty world?
Where does it find its wonders
Its visions to behold?
Will it find the answers
Its plots and fantasies?
Of what does it dream?
It dreams of thou and thee.

Prepare the instruments
To probe this entity
Heed the directed protocols
Observe with dignity

Care not to impose bias
Our wishes and our fears
Something dreams a message
Let us strive to hear

Yet what does it dream
what fate does it portend?
What power in its thoughts
To embrace or to defend?
Could it be a danger
The red menace come at last?
Or is it just a dreamer
Evoking a golden past?

Detecting shapes and shadows
Scientists theorize
Outlines form beginnings
Thoughts upon the skies

Standing waves arising
Buffers overrun
A narrative is forming
The story has begun

Something is dreaming…

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