Private: The 60s Party

The 60s party begat an era
of madness and joy
Aldous and I attended and
met our hosts, Liza and Malcom
An artist and a jazz musician
Very cool people
and what a party!
A group collaboration
hung on a wall
Huge vibrant macaw batiks
and drugs everywhere.
Punch bowls spiked with acid
snack trays overflowing
with magic mushrooms,
white powder and little pills.
There may even have been beer.
Liza was a vision,
floating in a long skirt,
tie-dyes and hippie elegance.
Everything but the scarlet begonias.
She became our contact for
psychedelic supplies,
little bits of paper
bearing Narwhals.
Then something happened..
Aldous was joined by his
girlfriend from Pennsylvania.
I had to find a new home.
Liza, said I, do you know of
anyone renting?
Yes, she smiled.
We are.

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